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Moms nominate companies they love and trust, and nominated companies partner with Little Mom Book to create an online feature page just for our moms


Search and discover curated companies for all your needs and everything you never knew you needed as a mom


Moms can connect with the top vetted companies and access exclusive promotions offered to our moms by nominated companies

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“One of the things that I love most about Little Mom Book is that not only do you know the companies are nominated and trusted by moms, but because nominated companies create their own feature page, you know that they are excited to be engaged and connect with the mom community.”


“As a mom, I am always researching companies, whether it be a new doctor, birthday vendor, kids activities or household help. Even when I find companies, it is hard to know if they are reliable and trustworthy. Being able to look to other moms to see who they recommend or use is not only a timesaver but it helps make me feel confident that the company is a good fit for my family.”


“I am a mom of two and a new proud grandma. Little Mom Book is a great resource for me in finding gifts for my grandson and my friends’ grandkids. I love that I can go to one place and find the best products and companies relevant to the moms today—there are no advertisements or bias in what is presented. It is nice hearing from the parents and grandparents about helpful resources.  Giving new parents and grandparents a membership to Little Mom Book is my new favorite gift . . .”


“As a mom, it can be suffocating trying to rummage through the internet to find good, reliable resources. With Little Mom Book, you can lean on recommendations from other moms; recommendations are all in one place. In some instances, Little Mom Book has introduced me to companies and resources I never knew existed . . . it is a great reference guide for brainstorming and finding quality resources, whether it be birthday party ideas or specialized experts or health professionals.”


“Little Mom Book is a great place to find new ideas for kids activities, date nights, mamas nights out and gifts. I love that the companies have been curated and want to engage with the mom community. Many of the nominated companies provide promotions as well. It is great being able to find quality companies that provide incentives useful and relevant to the mom community.”


“As a mom and a business owner, it was an honor to be nominated by the mom community. With Little Book, I am able to connect directly with parents and reach an audience I otherwise would not be able to. I am thrilled to join a supportive network where, as a community, we can lean on each other and connect.”

For Moms. By Moms.

While we have HUNDREDS of virtual, local, and national Companies, we are still building the tribe...

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Little Mom Book’s mission is to provide moms with a platform to share their trusted “little mom book” and to help juggling moms find vetted companies.

Moms do not have to spend time researching companies . . . they can just rely on the mom tribe for their recommendations and even receive promotions from those top companies . . .